Security Genetics Inc. presents

Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis

Automate Your Trading System Development

Tempus Fugit

The investment market moves continuously. Opportunities for profit appear regularly. If you're spending time developing a trading system, you are missing these prospects. What is your development time costing you?

Take Advantage of the Available Tools

Modern techniques such as the algorithms employed in Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis shorten the path to active trading. Take advantage of the tools available. You don't even have to use the fastest machine with four monitors arrayed in front of you. Leverage the power of the computer.

Minimize Paper Trading

Nothing crystallizes the mind like money at risk. Once you are competent with the mechanics of trading and your software tools, the continuation of artificial paper trading may even be detrimental. Put real money on the line even if it's just a token amount. The unique mental processes involved in a real trade will strengthen your abilities.

Trading is a Solitary Activity

Investing is primarily a solitary enterprise, even if you are part of a trading group or in a corporate environment. In an effort to stay on an even keel and to gain exposure to novel ideas, participate in the online community. Monitor investment forums and blogs. Keep a log or diary of your thoughts and trading activities.

Pull the Trigger

Each opportunity for financial gain bypasses you if you do not act on your trading signals. The market doesn't know you exist and will not wait for you. If you act on each trading signal without fail, it will be easier to eliminate the human tendency of procrastination.