Plain Language Results

The best trading system found by the search is shown in the lower part of the main window. It changes at the end of each generation if a better solution is found.

Two or four rules or trade signals are presented depending on your selection of trade types on the Broker Configuration page. The four trade types are Enter Long, Exit Long, Enter Short and Exit Short.

Equis MetaStock Language Results

The program provides a translation from natural language to Equis MetaStock format on the MetaStock Results section of the main window. The generated formulas are ready to paste into the System Tester.

Additional formats will be included in future versions of the program.


Statistics are displayed during and at the end of the genetic search process. The profit or loss of the highest-ranking trading system found is shown along with its components, the profit or loss solely from trading and any amount earned from an alternate investment or money market fund. The drawdown of that trading system and the date of the drawdown is shown. The number of long and short trades and the number of profitable long and short trades is included.

A chart of the equity values is shown at the bottom. A listing of the trades executed by the most fit system is available under another tab.

Stock Configuration

One page of the configuration window is used to select the stock or security to be studied. When selected, the file is read and validated with data integrity tests to ensure that there are no errors in the data. You may adjust the start and end dates to test a reduced span of price and volume data.

Broker Configuration

The settings on the broker configuration page are adjusted to match the program's operation to your own investment practices. You can set the starting balance, the annual alternate investment or interest rate and brokerage charges. The program may be configured by the type of investing transactions to be used in the analysis. The system can simulate both long and short sales or can be limited to long sales or short sales only.